#CupFull2022 Instagram Challenge

I participated in my first Instagram Challenge in July 2022. The challenge was to create a cup inspired by a specific female artist every two days for the whole month. The challenge came at a time when I wasn't very busy and I was in the market for some new mugs!

The challenge was created by some of the artists that I admire and follow on Instagram. I hadn't even heard of nine of the artists they had chosen! It was fun to learn about new artists and use their art as inspiration for my designs.

Each time I finished a cup design, I uploaded it to my Redbubble page , so all the cups are available there as 11 oz white ceramic mugs. I also chose to make a few cups available here as 15 oz. black ceramic mugs. 

Each cup is inspired by a
specific female artist.
All mugs are for sale now! 

See below for my 15 oz. Frida Kahlo cup. You can also see closeups of all the 12 oz. cups on my Instagram Page.

Frida Kahlo mug

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